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Embodiment, Healing Justice and Liberation with Prentis Hemphill

January 15, 2021 janetheclapp Season 2
Clapp with Jane with Jane Clapp
Embodiment, Healing Justice and Liberation with Prentis Hemphill
Show Notes

I'm honoured to have shared in this conversation with Prentis Hemphill and to have listened to the wisdom they bring to embodiment and healing justice work. I trust you will feel both inspired and moved as well. They share about what inspired the creation of the Embodiment Institute and how evolving 'somatic practice' is a key to coming into collective healing and dismantling systems of oppression.

Prentis Hemphill (They/Them) is a Texas born, embodiment practitioner, therapist, writer and the founder of The Embodiment Institute and Black Embodiment Initiative. For the past 15 years, Prentis has been unearthing the connections between individual healing, community accountability and our most inspired visions for social transformation. 

Before founding The Embodiment Institute, Prentis was the Healing Justice Director at Black Lives Matter Global Network, co-founding partner of organizational consulting firm, Groundwork Project, and has been a teacher of somatics with generativesomatics and Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity (BOLD) for nearly 10 years. In 2016, Prentis was awarded the Buddhist Peace Fellowship Soma Award for community work inspired by Buddhist thought. 

Prentis’ work has been featured in the New York Times and Huffington Post and is a contributor to The Politics of Trauma by Staci K. Haines as well as the upcoming Holding Change by adrienne maree brown. Prentis is the host and creator of the popular podcast, Finding Our Way entering its’ second season in Jan. 2021. 

Prentis currently lives on a small farm in Durham, NC with their partner, Kasha and their three dogs, on land first loved and stewarded by the Saponi people and near where Prentis’ ancestors were first brought to Turtle Island.

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