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"Theatre Saved My Life" with Kevin T. Hobbs

December 16, 2020 janetheclapp Season 2 Episode 5
Clapp with Jane with Jane Clapp
"Theatre Saved My Life" with Kevin T. Hobbs
Show Notes

I just can't express enough gratitude to Kevin T. Hobbs for sharing this conversation with me. I have been left changed, moved and inspired by what he shared and I know you will too. We talk about how his participation in a specific theatre production saved his life and his work in bringing the same healing power to people through the D.O.S.E. Foundation. 
How he went from the throws of homelessness and depression to peace and hope, the focus of his new podcast, Kevin's Way Out as well as his upcoming feature film.

Here are just a few snippets of wisdom from Kevin:

“I love theatre because at its best it just allows us to be, be whoever who we are, be wherever we are in that journey in life, and to just be without any kind of excuses.”

 “Having the confidence to be confronted with the unknown is improv. Having the confidence to reach outside yourself can save your life.”

“Improv is a beautiful form of non-violent communication.”

“There’s space for all of us. One of the things that we fight against in society is this idea that there’s not. But there is, we just have to accept where we are, take what we have and keep going. "

More about Kevin:

Kevin T. Hobbs is a professional actor, Sundance trained filmmaker, writer, musician, and SEL certified teaching artist hailing from Central Illinois. Kevin has appeared on movie screens and stages across the country. He is also the host of the new podcast, Kevin’s Way Out.

Kevin is also the founder of the D.O.S.E. Foundation (a nonprofit whose mission it is to ensure that the theater community becomes a more accurate mirror of the world in which we live), where he functions as the executive director and serves as the artistic director of the upcoming National August Wilson Monologue Competition for Central Illinois (2021), for which the D.O.S.E. Foundation is the regional sponsor. 

Currently, Kevin is hard at work on his first feature film, 𝙈𝙖𝙧𝙧𝙤𝙬.

To learn more or to connect with Kevin, follow him on Instagram, listen to his podcast Kevin's Way Out (on most audio streaming platforms), or through his email at

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