Clapp with Jane with Jane Clapp

'Don't go yet. We're having too much fun' with Worthy Stokes

May 18, 2020 janetheclapp Season 1 Episode 12
Clapp with Jane with Jane Clapp
'Don't go yet. We're having too much fun' with Worthy Stokes
Show Notes

In this beautiful and moving conversation with Worthy, I was left with my heart full and my hunger for life affirmed.  Worthy's story about her near death experience and her brave heart moved me to tears. I know this episode will help breathe life back into your soul and soma.

One of my favourite quotes from Worthy in this episode (so hard to pick just one):

"Our bodies and souls are so intelligent that there can be a microscopic spontaneous shift in the fabric at any moment."

Worthy Stokes is the founder of HeartMind® Meditations and author of The Daily Meditation Book of Healing. She is a polytrauma survivor who lives with life-altering sensory loss since overcoming a complicated traumatic brain injury overseas at the age of 34. Her vivid Near Death Experience, a decade of advanced meditation training that began in 2008 with her introduction to Dzogchen, and her battle to retrieve her very own mind inspired her career of teaching and coaching at the nexus of nondual wisdom, emergent neuroscience, and healing.

Worthy is endorsed by world renowned medical doctors teaching at Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, and beyond. She is known as a healer for the healers among award winning CEOs, trauma survivors, psychologists, and somatic experts who appreciate her groundbreaking, interdisciplinary perspective of healing.

Worthy has spent countless hours with her neurologists reviewing maps of her own brain, she has followed clinical research since meeting the late Dr. Candace Pert in 2007, and she directly apprehends the mystical complexity of transformation.

She shares her free time with her husband, who is an adult literacy expert; he helps her read and write. Worthy holds a bachelor of arts degree in Journalism, and she is currently writing her second book. Worthy is her real, given birth name.

Worthy's book you can purchase here: The Daily Meditation Book of Healing
Instagram: @iamworthystokes
Author of The Daily Meditation Book of Healing
HeartMind® Meditation Teacher on Insight Timer


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